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Splash-A Creative Awakening

Splash-A Creative Awakening™ is an invitation to a new experience of your life using creativity as a starting point. Our internal landscape determines our external one. 

This is not your ordinary arts-based workshop.   This workshop is about the dilemma that underlies the inhibitions associated with creativity in all its expressions. You will work with your internal map of the psychological defense system.   The Creative Awakening is an experiential weekend that focuses on the relinquishment of a thought system based on fear while integrating the Inner Critic with one’s Muse.  

While it uses some traditional modes of the visual, literary and performing arts, it is meant to expand your expression at work and play.  

Your facilitators )Karen Goodfellow, Wendy Noel and Olivia Nelson) are active in the visual, written, and performing arts arenas and we have a team of assistants that are Registered Therapeutic Counsellors from the Clearmind Practitioners Training program. 

Nov. 18-20, 2016


“I connected to a deep place inside of me and got to another level of not caring what people think. I enjoyed the Creative Constellations. What a powerful and graceful team you make.”  Ange Baff  

“You rock, rock, rock!  I felt all your love enveloping me.  I enjoyed the Creative Constellations and the integration of my critic and muse." Jan Hagedorn.

“Working with my inner critic and inner  muse make for a powerful combination.  I enjoyed the connection with the group.  The Creative Constellation work amazed me.  I enjoyed all the different twists of the workshop." Leonard Morizawa 

“I am taking away how my appreciation for how my critic has given me many gifts that I rely on.  The facilitation was top notch.  Your comfort ease and experience was apparent.  I love how you clearly facilitated each phase. All of the creative exercises were brilliant.  I felt very held in my crap." Marion Baker

"You had beautiful open hearts and I felt really met."  Satu Springer 

“You work well as a team.  I enjoyed the depth of connection with others and the love, openness and reality that showed up in the space.” Herman Commandeur  

“Our creativity is such a vital energy in life yet in our ‘practical reality’ it’s not valued or encouraged.  Thank you for showing me the value in my creativity, how it weaves into everything I do and the power I can get from my critic to enhance and kick-start my creativity.”  Liz Coleman  

"You are an amazing team.  I never felt any friction, doubt, or confusion.  You are wonderful professionals and very authentic and congruent. Thank you for creating an inspiring supportive space where I could journey into my creativity with assurance, guided by loving and committed professionals.” Josef Sadowski  

"The creative awakening helped bust my ‘critic’ and illuminate where it started.  I also realized that it can now serve me instead of slaying me.!” Lana Gowler

"Loved you all!  Loved your care and energy with each other and all of us.  Just great job!  Thank you."  Carol Brown  

"You are a great team.  Fantastic idea.  Great workshop."  Louise C.

Fall/Winter 2016 Schedule

Creativity Kick-Start

Date:  TBD

Wendy Noel, Olivia Nelson and I will be running a mini-playdate to introduce you to our creative style within the context of the transpersonal-psychology framework that Clearmind operates from.
They will be exploring the Mask with a process called a constellation, some performing art activities and visual art to round it off. A more detailed version will be given upon registration.
$80 for 4 hours (includes GST)
$50 if you bring an adult friend new to the Clearmind Community (they pay $50 as well)
Please RSVP to
Minimum 8 to proceed (max. 12).

Facebook Event TBD

"Hi Karen,   Thanks for gathering  together a great group of women  for the fun, creative play date on Saturday.   I appreciate your creative wisdom, your open and honest sharing, and the beautiful encouraging and peaceful space you were holding.   I felt safe, cared for, and free to express in whatever way worked for me" G.K. 

"Karen, you've inspired me.  OMG.  I bought paints.  Just the primary colours, and a couple of others.  They were out of Payne's Grey! :-)
Over the next while, I'm going to buy some supplies!  I'm letting the idea of painting on my own percolate. I love the process you teach.  I've always been able to easily copy other drawings, but it didn't feel like the work was my own.  Your process feels like it's coming from me.Thank you so much for bringing me back to art.  It was something I loved when I was young.  Looks like something I'll love in my old age.  I've gone full circle.
My heart feels full." Love, L. Harrison 

Pandora's Paint Box

This is a mixed media retreat with acrylic paint as the foundation. Explore lots of different techniques and substances and you'll never know what will up up.

February 2016

Artful Legacies

Designed with the peri- or post-menopausal woman in mind, this creative, expressive, rejuvenating workshop is our grown up version of a play date.  This 1.5 day weekend workshop is for you if you:  -crave some 'me' time -watched your creativity take a back seat to work, children or partner -want to acknowledge what legacy you have left in the first half of your life and want to design the second half...in creative form.

Format: -self reflection -group work -legacy project: with a wide variety of unique 'foundations', you will create a visual expression of your life (past and future).  -skillful facilitation by experienced workshop facilitator (over 15,000 participants) 

Included: -all the art supplies you can imagine to create your project (no art experience necessary) -Art instruction -Delicious delectables!  -Mindful music!  -Sat lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast -overnight stay (TBD depending on location) -15 oracle decks available  Not included but welcome:  -Lovely libations! (Bring your own) -Reflexology treatments Details:  Details: Apr. TBD (10am) -Sun. Apr.   (12:30p) Location (Burnaby or Langley) TBD Value: $195 (depending on location) email to register interest: karengoodfellow@telus.net 

January 2016



8310 Vinewood Pl

Burnaby BC
Coming soon....

Private Painting Parties

"Thank you all for an entertaining and uplifting day! Karen, you were so relaxed, supportive, and encouraging you took away our fears and made it fun. You kept us moving without us feeling any pressures of time. Thank you for helping us silence the inner critic - a good lesson in all our adventures. Let's do this again!
B. R.

"Hi Karen!   Many thanks for an amazing day yesterday. Despite my fears and insecurities, you made the class a fun-filled experience for me (& everyone else, I think). I believe your positive vibes helped all of us. How many times in classes of any sort have our eager expectations been doused with negative feedback from an instructor!! You see the positive in everyone thus helping us all to recognize it in ourselves. Bravo to you!!   Hope we can all get together again for an easier (ha ha! just kidding) abstract class!"   S. P. 

"Karen I just wanted to say thanks for art day yesterday.  I had an awesome time and LOVED it.  I think I might have found a new hobby.  So much to learn and try! 
Also loved all the cool kind of art stuff you do….. you are my new art idol! LOL.  See you at the next art day!"  Andrea Valis

To read more about Karen's vast facilitating experience where she uses creativity and relationship building to improve organizational performance: www.astudia.ca
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