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"Harrison Observer":

Buyer's Thoughts:

"Sex-Starved Dorothy" has sold to Gord Paulsen (CEO Okawa Consulting) in Canmore, AB (approved this being publicized). He had this to say about it which touched me deeply. "Hi Karen,
I was sitting this morning during my meditation and was wondering why Dorothy has such a draw for me. I hope this doesn't sound crazy but I thought I would email you and tell you what I am sensing.
When I saw Dorothy on your Facebook post I immediately saw the native aspect in the colour and texture of her hair and the way it was done. But I also noticed the belly button pin and felt she was in between worlds, between the traditional ways she learned and the new unknown world she was exploring. When I allowed myself to sense her feelings I felt a disillusioned innocence and a quiet sadness beneath the surface. It was poignant and brings tears to my eyes as I see her again in my mind's eye. She felt lost to me, uncertain, and I saw behind the woman an eight year old girl hoping that she would be loved for just who she was, being vulnerable in the ways she knew in this new and different world. And I realized she wasn't Sex Starved Dorothy. She really was Love-Starved Dorothy and that was the deeper part of her that was yearning for acknowledgement and affirmation. She was hoping someone would truly see her, that someone would be able to look past her naked beauty to see her Soul. She seems so soft and innocent.
That's what drew me to Dorothy. And what draws me still and brings huge emotions within. Dorothy truly speaks to me from a deep place. Just wanted you to know. " Gord I never ever get tired of what you all think of my paintings. In fact, it keeps me going!

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