Karen Goodfellow CFA - Biography & Artist Statement
Karen Goodfellow CFA - Contemporary Aboriginal Art

  • 1st Place Peace Hills Trust 31st Annual Native Artist Contest ("Auntie's Pots")
  • 3rd Place Peace Hills Trust 30th Annual Native Artist Contest ("Sheltered Innocents")
  • 2nd Place Peace Hills Trust 27th Native Artist Contest  2007 for ("Displaced Spirit")
Exhibits & Shows: 
  • Foyer Gallery 2004, 2006 , 2008, 2010, 2012 (2014)
  • Harrison Hot Springs 2008, 2011, 2012
  • Nk'Mip Winery (Osoyoos, BC) 2010-present
  • Springbrooke Retreat Centre 2008-present
  • Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre 2000
  • Artazia Art Gallery Mar 2001-2009
  • Colorado Springs Women’s Art Festival 1999
  • Emily Carr University of Art & Design -Certificate in Fine Arts
  • Instruction: Art Instructor at Bemis School of Art in Colorado Springs for 4 years and numerous private and group workshops (solo and collaborative).
Artist Statement
“The fine arts have always provided the venue for man’s highest spiritual strivings in the secular realm...art sets down a distilled expression of the human spirit, one that’s tangible in form and accessible to all.” Dr David R. Hawkins
 My art is a critical part of my spiritual discipline…I use it to transcend my ego. In attempting to ‘climb over myself’, unknown aspects of my Self emerge through me and onto the canvas. I am endlessly fascinated with bringing the formless into form. Like any spiritual practice, anything can happen while awaiting form to take shape: insight, knowingness of what I am, healing, reflection, and even rare enlightened experiences.
Artists that experiment in intuitive, experimental processes inspire my work. I start with whatever materials I am drawn to, work up a background, then wait hours or even years until this background shows the painting to me; form will literally take shape on the page for me. So far my works have reflected indigenous spirits or my “Inner Brat”. My intention is for the viewer to experience an emotion difficult for them to access on their own: timelessness, wonder, sadness, knowingness, or playfulness. I am always fascinated with the way a viewer resonates with a painting…every viewer bringing their own unique knowingness to the work. Dr. Hawkins says “…the non-linear source of creativity is unlimited within itself but its expansion takes place within the limitations of existing conditions.” As I connect to the non-linear realms by moving beyond my limitations, I hope to more closely match the initial inner glimpses of images that I receive. I hope my art will facilitate viewers in finding that magic that exists when you cross the sacred bridge between the non-linear and linear realm.
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