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Welcome to Astudia Gallery...
Come on in...grab a cup of your favourite beverage and browse through the gallery. Take your time and let me know if you have any questions.

This page is a quick overview so you can see if you like the overall look and feel of my work. I collaged together just a sampling here of the different styles of work I do; at the end of the thumbnails I've included a slideshow that includes more works. For a more in depth look, see the other pages listed on your left.       Karen




Steampunk Inspired Art
Contemporary Native American/First Nations/Aboriginal Works

"The Innocents" Series

1st Place Award in
Peace Hills Trust 31st Annual Native Artist Contest (2013)


Art beautifies surroundings, lifts spirits, evokes  emotions, heals, and inspires us in indescribable ways.

My ancestry influences my work. My maternal grandmother was Squamish Nation and my grandfather was Katzi...both from the Pacific Northwest (Coast Salish).

My father is Austrian with some landowners and a gypsy influence thrown in for good measure. I also lived in the American Southwest for 5
years so you'll see an eclectic mix of
the past in my present.
Through encouragement and support from my family, friends, the art community, and organizations that support art, it is now an indispensable part  of my life.


Where it all began: Grade 1 crayon

"Karen, I am thrilled to have your paintings come home with me.  Since last Friday when I first walked into Springbrooke, I fell in love with 'Texture of Innocents' and 'Pure Innocents".   I feel honoured to have these paintings. Thank you for your gift and the beauty it will bring into my home."   Lorraine K.
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